Willie Boy and Mr. E.

Before anyone, including my grandsons, can be given the powers of the Magic Wands of Tari, there is much to tell you, so that you can unleash their full magical powers.  But ...

CAUTION! Not obeying the rules can have big consequences, ones that you want to avoid!

Long ago, when your mother was a girl of about 8 years old, we lived on the Pacific island of Papua New Guinea. My work often took me by helicopter up into remote regions of the highlands, where spirits of the ancient ones still roam through the rugged mountains and thick rainforest. My helicopter had just landed near a village, the pilot gradually slowing the rotor blades, going WHOP, WHOP, WHOP in the air. As I stepped out of the chopper, I was greeted by five Huli warriors beating small drums in perfect rhythm with each other as they approached. Bang, bang, bang, BANG. Bang, bang, bang, BANG! Your Mom has a drum very much like the ones these fierce warriors used that day.

These were the tribal leaders who came out of their long house when they heard the helicopter approaching. The oldest of the men, the one in the center, raised his hand and the drumming stopped. He stepped forward, raised his hands with palms out to show he had no weapons, and said …

“We welcome you Pappy. We know you are a good man, and that you are here to help our people.”

Another wise man of the village added, “And you are so ... plump too!”



I took a step closer, then as was the custom, I also held out my hands, palms up, then said, “Chief Imbi, I was told by one of your warriors that you asked me to come visit your village. I got here as soon as I could. How can I be of service to the great Huli?”

He smiled, then from behind his back he pulled out a beautifully carved 24” ebony stick, inlaid with pieces of mother of pearl. The little old man snorted at me, then held the stick high in the air, and turned to face north, then west, then south and finally east, each time mumbling something under his breath that I could not quite make out. He then turned to face me and with surprising speed and power, snapped the stick into two parts. The break was so clean you would have thought he cut it with a saw. He held out to me both hands and both sticks.

“The spirits have spoken, and they told us to entrust to you these two magic wands. But beware … they are more powerful than what you might first think. To use the power, you must obey these FIVE RULES.” I told him I understood and asked what the five rules were.

“One!” the other tribal leaders beat down once on their drum, BANG! “You will treasure the sticks for many years; keep them safe away from evil. One day, you must give the Magic Wands of Tari to two boys of the same mother and father. Boys that you trust.” By giving you boys the wands, I have fulfilled my duty. I know they are in good hands.

“Two!” BANG! BANG! “That these brothers NEVER use the power of the Magic Wands of Tari against one another. These sacred wands are only to be used to fight evil spirits and to make good things happen.” Since neither of you are evil, the power of the wand can’t be used against the other. You must of course practice your warrior skills, (sword fighting, wrestling, running, jumping, telling tall tales, etc.) with each other, but never let your anger get the better of you, and never, ever hurt your brother. You must learn to ALWAYS look out for each other.

CAUTION: If you DO try to use it against your brother, your wand will lose all its magic until the day after the next full moon. If you are real stinkermeyers, the power may be lost for as long as your Mom and Dad say, but at least to the next full moon.

“Three,” BANG! BANG! BANG! on the drums. “You must NEVER let anyone besides your parents use your Magic Wand of Tari.
CAUTION: If you DO let someone else you your magic wand, then not only will your wand lose its power, but your brother’s wand will lose its power as well. If someone takes if from you without your permission, don’t worry … the wand will automatically hide its power until it is returned to you. If they do not give it back to you, tell your Mom or Dad. They will know how best to recover your wand.

“Four,” BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! “The more good things you do with your Magic Wand of Tari, the stronger your wand’s power will be to fight evil.” For example, put a magical smile on your mother’s face by picking up not only your dishes from the table, but also your Mom, Dad and brother’s dishes as well. Then use your wand, waving it over the dishes in the sink while saying the magic word, which takes me to number five. That spell always puts a smile on your Mom’s face!
CAUTION: If you fail to do enough good things, then you may not have enough power to fight off the evil.

“Five,” The drums stayed silent. “You must NEVER … I repeat NEVER tell anyone, besides your mom and dad of course, the secret magic word. If you think someone might hear, then simply THINK of the word.”

CAUTION: But, if you DO tell someone the magic word, the wand loses all its magic until it is restored by a Fourth Degree Wizard. Nothing less will work. Don’t tell anyone, but Mimi and Aunt Bobbi are both Fourth Degree Wizards, so you are very lucky.

OK, the magic word is …. KALA-MA-ZOOM

You must say it, KALA-MA-ZOOM (or think it) twice, then slowly move the wand in a motion that looks like a sideways number 8. It makes no difference which way you go!!!

Finally, a word about the feathers. Taken from Birds of Paradise, these feathers have incredible powers that will show themselves to you over time. Sometimes they can make you invisible; other times they might allow you to fly. The feathers always help you to fall sleep. If you put your Magic Wand of Tari under your bed, it also helps ward off bad dreams. Do NOT try to force the Feather Power, but instead grow into them with time.

Go forth, seek adventure. Be brave, kind and good, and remember … brothers should always be on the look out for each other.

Merry Christmas, boys. I will always love you.