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Thank you for visiting my webpage! I truly appreciate you taking your time to come pay a visit. I know you have a thousand things to do, with countless people pulling a string. I hope you will become a regular visitor and that you’ll become so comfortable and familiar with the page that you’ll feel as if you are coming in by way of the kitchen door.

I created this webpage initially to promote the release of my historical novel, Tiers of War in January 2017. But, somewhere along my journey into the world of self-publishing I realized that I can also use this site to capture more than just that. The site also includes short stories I have written, as well as any, photos, podcasts and videos added over the course of time. It also provides a mechanism for you to contact me. I would genuinely enjoy hearing from you, and your thoughts on the story. I especially like to hear from readers as to whom is their favorite character. I’ve been surprised on more than one occasion.

Let the trumpets sound, heralding the checking of a Third-Eye Bucket List box!! I am pleased to announce that on June 1, 2018 I published A Cause Undone, Volume II of The Tucker Chronicles. These two works combined now form my original story that spawned almost forty years ago. It has most certainly been a quest. One with an ever changing goal post, and a game clock that never reaches zero. Writing and publishing a story is one thing. Learning the business is another.

I am working on the storyline for Volume III of The Tucker Chronicles. Don't have a name for it as yet. I am particularly excited about this next story because I am able to bring in several of my own ancestors who lived through those times and had colorful tales to tell. I get to bring them back to life. One still haunts the family home in Westport, Missouri to this day. Now, is that cool or what?

Both books can be found in the Shop tab above. Come along for the journey. I know you'll be glad you came along. Apologies in advance if I am presumptuous, but please take the time to write a favorable review in Amazon if you feel the book deserves recognition. Your review really does make a difference.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who purchased Tiers of War. I am encouraged by the sales, and proud of the reviews it has received, not only formally on Amazon, but also in all the emails, text messages and phone calls I have received.

Thank you.

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