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The Civil War exploded upon America, tearing jagged wounds throughout society’s fabric. Two Kentucky boys that grew up like brothers have now squared off against one another over the fate of the nation. The aspiring lawyer joins a Virginia cavalry regiment after Manassas, quickly learning the skills of soldiering and war, creating an efficient warrior … a killer, but with attendant cost upon his soul.

The apprentice surveyor joins the Federal infantry once Kentucky’s valiant attempt at brokering neutrality is shattered. In his quest to support Lincoln’s efforts to save the Union, the soldier in blue quickly proves his military value as a mapmaker. His star rises, taking him east, where he meets an enchanting, yet mysterious Virginian young lady. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, a complete departure from persistent campaign promises, stuns the young officer, forcing a decision that propels him down a path towards danger and adventure.

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